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The Basque Government has a BASQUE LEGAL SERVICE FOR ISSUES CONCERNING FOREIGN NATIONALS-AHOLKU SAREA for immigrant people who have questions about their legal status and issues related to the legislation on foreign nationals. It provides information, guidance, advice and referral to specialized services.

It has a translation service that provides assistance in the most commonly spoken languages in the Basque Country.

There are two ways of contacting this service:

1. By telephone or by email

Telefono 900840890
Email asesoria@ej-gv.es

Telefono 944001809
Email juridika@biltzen.org

Horario 09:30 - 14:00

This telephone line is equipped with a translation system for the most widely spoken languages in the Basque Country.

2. In-person

There are also a number of authorised organisations that provide free legal advice in person on these issues.

Further information about being attended to in-person

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