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Presentation by the Mayor


The arrival of foreign people in our municipality is leading to a socially positive transformation, something which is necessary for modern societies. Diversity is a key factor for success in the favourable development of cities when dealing with the arrival of new people who bring with them new ideas and new cultures.

With respect, understanding and knowledge among the different cultures, we can strive for better coexistence and progress towards an inclusive and cohesive society.

In Basque, Spanish, French, Amazigh, Bambara, Wolof, Chinese, Romanian or in English, there are more and more ways of greeting one other in Ermua and we do not want to miss the opportunity to do so with you. Also, if you have just arrived we would like to take the chance to welcome you to the municipality.

The Town Council has set up a guide with the resources available to you immigration.ermua.es which allows you to consult information about all the different resources you might need. This is a flexible, accessible channel that takes into consideration everyone who makes up our municipality on a day to day basis. A municipality that is becoming more and more diverse and plural.

The guide is available in 7 languages. It provides accurate information and should meet your needs and expectations. We believe that it is a useful tool that will allow you to take full advantage of your potential in the municipality.

Juan Carlos Abascal (Txitxo)

Juan Carlos Abascal (Txitxo), Mayor of Ermua