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Consumer information

Any resident in the municipality of Ermua who acquires a product or uses a service has at their disposal the Municipal Office for Consumer Information (OMIC) which is a free service that Ermua Town Council offers to protect your rights as a consumer.

Among the rights of the consumer,there are rights to information, to make a claim and to education as a consumer for the protection of their economic interests and their consumer rights.

To ensure that these rights are protected the OMIC provides the following services:

  • Consumer information on telephony, housing, insurance, banking, home repairs, travel, delivery services, technical assistance, vehicles etc... Information leaflets have been drawn up to provide the consumer with all the necessary information on these topics.
  • Information about the consumers' rights and the ways of settling disputes that may arise from purchases or contracting services, such as mediation or arbitration.
  • The processing of claims documents and the request for consumer arbitration from the Basque Government and other public administrations, as well as the mediation of the OMIC between consumers and service providers. OMIC.
  • Information about other entities dealing with consumer-related issues.

Issues related to the Health Service or the Public Administration cannot be dealt with in a consumer context. Therefore any complaints or claims will be handled by the relevant authority.

Complaints can be made to the Municipal Office for Consumer Information (OMIC) including in all cases the documentation (budgets, contracts, bills) that form the basis of the complaint presented.

Consumer enquiries can be made in person, by telephone or email in either of the two official languages of the Basque Country .