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What to do in the case of spousal abuse

Nobody has the right to threaten you, or insult you or hurt you. Not even an immediate relative has the right to force you to have sex, or to humiliate you in public, control your access to money, or to stop you from having friends or meeting relatives.

Even if you are from another country, if any of those things happen to you, you are being abused and can ask for help:

  • If you have been attacked or think that you might be soon, you can ask the police or court to protect you.
  • If you have already been abused or are frightened, you can also ask for help from the police, directly or through a person you trust.
  • Even if you have no injuries, you can ask for help Social Services at the Town Council or at the Woman's House(Casa de la Mujer). You will be provided with support, you will be informed of your rights and you will be helped to get out of your situation. You will be offered: psychological support, legal guidance, economic support, temporary accommodation.

Foreign women who have been recognised as victims of gender violence and do not have a permit, may obtain a Residence Permit under exceptional circumstances.

Local resources

A free, confidential 24-hour service.

  • For women suffering domestic violence and people detecting this situation.
  • Professional psychological help over the phone.
  • Calls answered in Spanish, Basque, English, French, Rumanian, Chinese and Arabic.

Further information

Attention and Shelter

For Equality and Against Violence Towards Women

Women Victims of Gender Violence

Free Emergency Telephone Numbers