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Registering as a resident

This means registering your name on the Municipal Residency list, showing all the residents of the town. Both Spanish residents and residents from overseas may register, regardless of their age, and whether or not their situation has been regularised.

Registering as a resident

People living in the town must be registered in this registry.

  • It may be a requirement for many official procedures, social assistance and economic assistance.
  • It means that they can apply for the Individual Health Card, sign their children up for school or be eligible for the town's Social Services.
  • For checking how long the person has been living in Spain and Ermua.
  • It allows applicants to participate in programmes to improve the living conditions of local residents.

Non-European Union foreign nationals, with the exception of those who have a Long Term Residence Permit, must renew their registration on the Municipal Census before two years have lapsed from their previous registration. If this is not done,the Town Hall can remove the person from the census without previous consultation.


To register you must:

  • Be an adult, or under-age with authorisation.
  • Reside in the municipality and be housed and registered there.



Please complete and sign the Registration Form.

You must present an official document that is proof of your identity:

  • It is the Spanish National Identity Card (DNI) for those people with Spanish nationality or failing that the registration certificate or passport.
  • For foreign nationals, the following are considered valid identity documents are the Residence Card or a valid passport (also a valid EU citizen's identity card). Minors need the Official Family Booklet or an original copy of a birth certificate.

A document is due to present that credits the use of the house:

  • If you own / to the property deed or contract of sale or a recent receipt of current IBI (Real Property Tax), contract or recent past receipt of a service company (water, gas, electricity, fixed telephony , Home insurance).
  • Valid renting contract.
  • If you do not have anything to the above, approval of registration:
    • Authorization for the individual owner of the house along with a copy of his identity card and proof of how he is the owner of the house ( Writing private property or contract of sale or a recent receipt of current IBI (Real Property Tax), contract or recent past receipt of a service company (water, gas, electricity, fixed telephony, home insurance).
    • If the rental contract, the authority must give the tenant, together with the photocopy of your identity card, passport or residence permit, plus a photocopy of the lease.
    • If this is a group, they will ask the permission of the responsible person with signature and seal of the establishment.

When a minor registers at a different address to that of his/her parents, a document of authorisation from the parents or the person who is the minor's legal representative must be provided.

On change of address the administrative paperwok has to be redone.


Census registration and change of address can be carried out at Ermua Town Council in Abiapuntu.

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