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Socio-Legal Assistance Service

What is?

Ermua Town Council´s Department of Immigration provides a personalised assistance service to foreign nationals who require information about their legal status and other issues related to the legislation on foreign nationals.

This is an in person service that offers information, guidance, technical assistance and referrals to specialised services.

It is coordinated with the Basque Legal Service for Issues Concerning Foreign Nationals, Aholku-Sarea and Biltzen, The Basque Government´s Integration and Intercultural Coexistence Service.

Group information sessions on issues relating to foreign nationals

These are group sessions open to the public in which information is provided about the rights and obligations of foreign nationals, regularisation procedures, renewal of permits, family regrouping and nationality applications among other issues.

The dates and places where these sessions take place can be found in the news section of the municipal website www.ermua.es and at the Department of Immigration.

Further information

Translation and interpretation Telephone Service

This is a translation service by telephone that provides immediate assistance in 50 languages.

Online Resources Guide

This is a resources guide for people who are immigrants in which information is provided on the paperwork and resources that an immigrant person needs to have information on in order to facilitate their social integration.

Census registration, health care, education, social services, culture, sport, women, regularisation of legal status, consuls and associations, among others.

This guide is available in seven languages: Spanish, Basque, English, French, Arabic, Romanian and Chinese.


The Department of Immigration can be found in Social Services. Ask for an appointment at:

1. Social Services
Erdiko kale, 21
943179161 / 9431791621. Servicios sociales
Erdiko kale, 21
943179161 / 943179162

2. Abiapuntu
Komentukua kalea, 3