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Municipal Social Services of Ermua

The Town Hall 's Social Services provide information and assistance in the following areas, social skills, physical mobility, mental illness, community relations, training, income, housing and community participation.

These services are available for all residents in Ermua regardles of nationality or if they have a residence permit or not.

Basic Municipal Social Services

The Municipal Social Services, provides access to those who need it for the first time in person or by telephone.

During the first appointment, information and guidance is provided and an initial assessment of the case is performed. When necessary, in later appointment, there will be an ongoing intervention. The applicant will be assigned a social worker for the whole process.


  • Inform, assess and provide advice about existing social resources and rights.
  • Prepare family and individual intervention plans that are adapted to each person or family in order to improve their psycho-social situation.
  • Intervene in situations where people (women, children, the elderly or others) are in situations where they are unprotected, at risk, abused and/or abandoned.
  • Provide help at home for the interested party.
  • Implement intervention programmes aimed at the social integration of individuals, families and groups. Priority is given to preventing social exclusion.
  • Organise programmes to raise awareness and develop participation.
  • Manage the processing of the relevant benefits.
  • Study the town's social necessities, in order to manage and/or create the necessary resources.

Resources and programmes

  • Individualised help from a professional.
  • Intervention plans and/or agreements finalised with the interested party.
  • General legal advice.
  • Legal guidance for foreign nationals.
  • Job and social insertion programmes.
  • Socio-educational Intervention Programmes: educators for minors and families.
  • Welfare benefits.
  • Psychological Support Programmes.
  • Home Help Service.
  • Social and Health Accompaniment for the Elderly.
  • Telephone helpline.
  • Day centres for the over 60s who need help to carry out day-to-day activities.
  • Finding a place in retirement homes.
  • Awareness and Coexistence Programmes.

Ermua's Municipal Social Services, with the aim of continuously improving and adapting to the needs of specific groups, has at its disposal other services and programmes, as well as municipal staff whose task it is to develop municipal policy in the areas of socio-employment inclusion, education, health, immigration and coexistence, equal opportunities and the elderly.

Areas of Intervention

  • Socio-Employment Area
    • Development of personalised socio-employment guidelines that enable personal autonomy, the socio-familial network and integration in the community.
    • Design of group programmes for facilitating social participation.
  • Socio-Educational Area
    • Prevention and fight against the social exclusion of minors by creating strategies and ways of working together among the different educational agents involved.
  • Socio-Health Area
    • Socio-health care takes into account all the types of care for people who have serious health problems or functional limitations and/or those who are at risk of social exclusion and therefore require simultaneously health and social care in a coordinated and stable manner and in keeping with the principle of continued attention.
  • Immigration Service
    • A fundamental municipal resource for invigorating and developing local policy in the area of immigration and intercultural coexistence.