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Citizen Participation

What is it?

This is a combination of procedures, channels and institutional organs as well as any instrument or medium for active listening, prepared to identify, design, execute and evaluate public policies.


Improve the satisfaction of needs required in a public intervention

Improve the involvement of citizens in the decision making process for public affairs

Citizen participation can be exercised in an individual or collective way in accordance with the intended instruments and channels.


Ermua Town Council’s webpage aims to be a meeting point for its citizens by facilitating citizen participation.



Sectoral councils are advisory, participatory and consultative organs. They provide information, follow up and municipal management in the area where those institutions, non-profit making organisations and social sectors from Ermua are carrying out their work.


Strengthening Associations

What is it?

This is a programme that accompanies immigrant people and/or those of foreign origin who wish to set up an association with social aims whose activity and objectives are aligned with municipal policy on issues concerning immigration and intercultural coexistence.


1) Promotes the participation of immigrant people in the local community.

2) Equips with the instruments necessary for identifying the social and cultural needs from an intercultural perspective.

3) Encourages the recognition of cultural diversity in the municipality.


Personalised assistance and information about bureaucracy and paperwork.

Training sessions adapted to each organisation

Guidance for the drawing up projects.


People of foreign origin resident in Ermua.

Where can I get more information?

Department of Immigration