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Against Racism Week

The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the 21st March to be International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This day commemorates the Massacre at Sharpeville which occurred in 1960 when demonstrators were protesting against the implementation of apartheid by South African Police

The United Nations General Assembly reiterates that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights and have the ability to contribute in a constructive manner to the development and wellbeing of society and that all doctrines espousing racial superiority are scientifically false, morally reprehensible, socially unjust and dangerous and should be rejected in the same way as those theories that claim to determine the existence of separate human races.


The Week against Racism is a raising awareness programme of activities that through exhibitions, talks, debates, cinema forums etc., aims to make citizens aware of the fight against racism and xenophobia.


  • 2011. Violence, Bullying and Xenophobia. The Structure of Racism. Immigrant Women.
  • 2012. Lessons from the Holocaust. Immigration and Mental Health.
  • 2013. A Transnational Perspective on Migration. Transnational Mothers. Domestic Employees.
  • 2014. Economic Crisis, Globalisation, Mobility. Return Programmes. Municipal Strategy for Immigration and Coexistence, Social Pact for Immigration in Ermua.
  • 2015. Children of Immigration. Separations and Reunions. Emotional Implications during Upbringing.
  • 2016. Human Trafficking.
  • 2017. Climate Change and Migration.
  • 2018. Hate Crimes
  • 2019. Strategies for Combatting Hate Speech on the Internet and Social Media. Journalists against Racism.


Department of Immigration

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School of Diversity

The School of Diversity is a training programme with a wide range of topics related to the issue of immigration.

It began as a programme to support language volunteers in order to equip them with the instruments that would allow them to improve their basic competency in intercultural communication so that this group could carry out work as agents.


Educate the population in favour of intercultural coexistence and provide information that contributes to a better understanding of the migration phenomenon and a recognition of the cultural diversity present in the municipality.


  • 2013. Muslim Community in Euskadi. Elements for Coexistence.
  • 2014. Black Africa. To Understand in Order to Coexist.
  • 2015. Immigrant Mothers and the Educational Challenge of Their Children.
  • 2016. Women and Islam. Immigration and Emigration in Euskadi During the Crisis.
  • 2017. The Environment and Migration. Female Genital Mutilation
  • 2018. Hate Crimes. Rumours about Immigrants in Euskadi.
  • 2019. Intercultural Competencies. Communication Strategies for Dealing with Rumours.


Audio-visual Projects

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Immigration in Ermua as told by its inhabitants

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