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Adult education and learning spanish / basque

Adult education at certain centres is free. The courses provided by the Ermua Adult Education Centre are as follows:

  • basic beginner’s Spanish.
  • in possession of the Secondary Education Certificate.
  • preparatory work for university access for those over 25 years old.
  • languages (Basque, English and French).
  • Computer Studies (beginners, intermediate level and multimedia level).

There are two ordinary periods of enrolment:

  • For the first four-month period: june and september.
  • For the second four-month term: january (only for certain subjects).

However, in the case of basic Spanish and Spanish for foreigners, students may be taken in all year if there is a place for them.

Once the application has been accepted, an identity card photograph and a copy of ID, passport or residence card must be presented for registration and the original and photocopy of completed studies (this only applies to those who have the Secondary Education Certificate).


The E.P.A offers two options:

In person:

Distance Learning:

Basque and other languages: Escuela de Idiomas language school

The Official Language School (La Escuela Oficial de Idiomas) in Eibar or in Durango, is a public centre that provides language tuition and accreditation in the following languages: Basque, English, French and German. As well as these educational resources, there are also private centres in Ermua for learning languages.

On-line language courses: e-learning programme

The e-learning programme offers the chance to learn English, German, French and Italian to all residents in the Basque Country over 23 years of age.

There are two options:

  • On line learning through hiru.eus
  • Learning with CDs.

The four language courses cost 45 Euros. The CD method costs 29 Euros for each language pack of CDs.

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Specific Basque classes: Euskaltegi Basque Language School

The Municipal Euskaltegi is a public entity which teaches the Basque language (Euskera) at all levels.

It is part of the AISA programme run by the Basque Government, which provides an initial subsidised course of a certain duration, to promote the learning of the Basque language among foreign nationals.

There are also other private euskaltegis in Ermua running Basque teaching programmes:

Kaltxango AEK Euskaltegia

Professional training

There are a number of centres for Professional Initiation, Professional Training or secondary level Bachillerato.

There is also a distance learning Higher Secondary Education course available:


Convalidation of studies

Validation of educational qualifications awarded in other countires for university and non-university studies is possible.

Further information

For further information or other problems, foreigners may consult the following: